Household appliance repairs
Air-conditioning, ventilation, cooling
Car air-conditioning repairs
Aluminium, radiator, pipe-coil, non-iron
metal welding
Locksmithing services

Household appliance spare parts
Household appliances

Evaporators (coolers) for refrigerators
and freezers as well as accessories

Production of tubular condensers for
refrigeration equipment

Magnetic seals for refrigerators and

Household appliance spare parts
Extruded PVC products
Solar panels

Our company was founded in 1991. Since the beginning, we have specialised in refrigeration and household appliance repairs, providing our services in the Mielec region. For many years we have been manufacturing refrigerator evaporators and magnetic seals for refrigeration equipment.

From 1998 to 2002 we were the first and only company in Poland to manufacture mobile refrigerators with cooling and heating capabilities based on thermoelectric heat flow. This product received an award for the most innovative product at the 7th International Mielec Fair in 1998.

In Mielec in 2004, we opened a new building on Przemysłowa 63b, housing our production facilities as well as a vehicle air-conditioning service station.

Currently we specialise in the manufacture of repair sets (evaporators) for refrigerators/freezers, as well as magnetic seals for refrigerators. Our products are sold all around Poland, and we are known by every producer in the refrigeration industry. Our refrigerator evaporators are also widely known in Russia, Ukraine and the newly accepted European Union member states.